Build online video experiences

Sezion’s friendly tools can help individual developers and any brand build online video solutions in a fast, scalable and simple way.

Video Editing API

The technology of automatic video editing on the Sezion cloud takes care of everything. Sezion’s Video API allows you to create any kind of video app. It will help you make cloud-based videos either automatically or with our scripting language in a fast and human-friendly way, from any device or web.

Video Scripting Language

Make videos composed of several types of media elements (videos, images, audios, texts and shapes), properties and temporary dimensions. You'll be able to create your own events and effects to make awesome videos at scale on top of our platform.

Featured Use Cases

Automatic Video Editing
Sezion can automatically edit all the videos uploaded by all the users on Coursera, adding new media content to them from external sources: videos, images, music and texts.
Automatic Video Generation
Sezion can also automatically generate a video for each of the products on Nike's online store from the information in their databases (images, descriptions, prices, reviews...).
Cloud Video Editing at scale
Sezion’s developer video API and video Scripting language helps you create any video editing software, process or feature on our cloud platform.
  • Cloud encoding, transcoding and rendering.
  • Add any content from external sources.
  • Make your own templates, use them at scale.
  • Create any visual effect, edit or generate any video.
Make your own templates
All videos you want can be edited o generated automatically based on the settings you’ve made. You can easily manage all your templates from your user account.